Nk'Mip Cellars Winery, Osoyoos, BC

Snaza'ist Interpretive Centre,

Hedley, BC

Commercial Park and Bridge,

Penticton, BC

Senkulmen Business Park, Oliver, BC

Specifically, we focus upon, and coordinate —

• Market Research

• Financial Analysis

• Opportunity Analysis

• Strategic Planning

• Environmental Studies

• Land Planning

• Construction Programming

• Human Resources

• Financial Programing

• Legal Issues

• Joint Ventures

• Fund Raising

Consulting and Project Coordination tasks have involved the following business entities –

Hotels, wineries,  vineyards, RV Parks, interpretive centres, trade centre, greenhouses, golf courses, alternative energy, business incubators, business parks, servicing infrastructure, forestry value-adding, retail and community economic plans.

The ‘land’ component of the development process is the critical aspect of our service, requiring rigorous discipline to identify the potential scope of enterprise opportunities. Our approach to economic development includes four factors –

  • listening to client needs
  • respecting the ‘life’ of the land
  • undertaking comprehensive business planning
  • ensuring financial resources  are available

A thorough understanding and incorporation of these principle elements are needed for a project of quality to unfold. This necessitates a development team with proven experience and a track record of excellences. Land Strategies compiles and facilitates project teams that best reflect the client and potential business needs. Our team of project managers, architects, environmentalists, engineers, market and financial analysts and other specialists provide an effective development solution for the client – with the low financial risk.

What We Do

Sample Projects involving combinations of Business Planning, Project Coordination and Fund-raising

White Calf Land Development, Ft. Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan

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